• Broccoli

    Good for Skin & Immune System - Vitamin A/B/C/Calcium/Dietary Fiber/protein
  • Sweet Potato

    Protein alternative - Vitamin A/B/C/Protein/Cellulose
  • Carrot

    Good for Eyes & Prevent Cancer - Vitamin A/Beta Carotene
  • Apples

    Help Cholesterol & Digestion - Vitamin C/Dietary Fiber
  • Blueberry

    Help Constipation, Brain (Memory), Immune System, Help Vision heath, Prevent Cancer, maybe good for Old Dogs - Vitamin A/C/Dietary Fiber/Manganese
  • Strawberry

    Help Constipation/Immune system - Vitamin C/Manganese
  • Radish (Daikon)

    Small amount with skin good for dogs with colds symptoms (cough) - Vitamin C/Potassium
  • Pumpkin/Squash

    Helps with vision health, immune system, Very good for Kidneys - Vitamin A/B/C Beta Carotene/Potassium
  • Zucchini

    Help digestion and brain health - Vitamin A/Potassium
  • Shitake Mushroom

    Small Amount helps prevent cancer and antioxidant - Vitamin B/Dietary Minerals
  • Spinach

    Best vegetable-Help prevent disease and Alzheimer¢®s - Vitamin A/B/C/K/Dietary Minerals
  • Parsley

    Small amount helps aging dogs and heart/Anitoxidant - Vitamin A/C/K
  • Cheese(No lactose)

    Help keep stable vision, health mucous membranes
  • Rice

    Small Amount good to help diarrhea
  • Beef Liver

    Very good for eye health (tear ducts) - Vitamin A/B/Iron
  • Chicken Gizzards

    Great Health Snack Treat - Low Fat
  • Anchovy

    Bone Strength - Calcium
  • Tofu

    Good for dogs with Meat Allergy Protein
  • Salmon

    Helps with cell health - Omega III/Potassium/Iron/Manganese
  • Pollack

    Helps Blood and energy - Vitamin B1/B2/B6/Calcium/Iron
  • Chicken Heart

    General Health - Low Fat, Vitamin A/B/Protein
  • Venison

    Good for dogs with allergy - Low Fat/Protien
  • Venison Bone

    Bone Health - Calcium/Protein
  • Pork Skin

    In gum/jerky form good for dental health/clean teeth
  • Duck

    Good for Heart Health (prevent heart attacks)